A Girl and a Gun

Well, here I am, just a few short days from turning the big 4-0, and in honor of it I’ve decided to tell y’all about my newest hobby.  For Christmas, Guitar Dude got me my very own gun.  It’s a Mossberg 500 Persuader, aka my boomstick, and she sure is persuasive alright.  She persuades me to shoot on a right regular basis.  Now, it was really supposed to be for home defense purposes, and she does sleep under my side of the bed, but I’ve found I have way too much fun with her to just leave her there.

A Girl and a Gun

I’m pretty sure by chick standards I’m some kind of anomaly because most women try to avoid recoil.  Me?  I want something that makes me feel alive.  She’s only a 20-gauge but #3 buckshot coming out of that 18.5″ barrel gives you a real kick, a feeling I find almost addictive.  We try to go shooting weekly, and I have to say I’m a pretty good shot.  I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that thing should I decide to pick our house to break into one dark and lonely night.  As I’ve gotten more and more into shooting, we’ve been getting to know the local ranges that allow shotguns.  On one range’s website, I found reference to a group called A Girl and a Gun.  Well, heck.  That sounds like me.

Another reason I’m an anomaly in the girl world (read: considered weird) is because I don’t do typical “girly” things.  I’m a tom boy, man.  I don’t want to stand around in the kitchen with a bunch of women talking about how their men suck (mine doesn’t), what their kids are putting them through (I don’t have any), or how much they hate their coworkers (I only have one, and other than his fart smells occasionally wafting into the hallway, I kind of dig him).  I don’t do needlepoint or crochet or knit or whatever it is other women do for a hobby.

I was starting to think I’d have to take up one of these hobbies just to make some new girlfriends when I came across the A Girl and a Gun group on the range site.  It is a national group of women who support other women shooters, and they have local chapters all across the country.  I crossed my fingers and looked up my area, and low and behold there was one that meets two Thursdays a month a little under an hour from me.  HOT DANG!!  The idea of spending a couple nights a month in the company of other women who truly enjoy one of my own favorite new hobbies sounded good to me.  Guns!  Shooting!  Buckshot! YeeHaw!  And they even go out to socialize after the range.  I like socializing!  Naturally, I signed right up.

So far, I’ve been made to feel very welcome on their online group page, and I’ve verified they don’t mind my boomstick.  This Thursday is my very first time getting together with the A Girl and a Gun ladies, and I can’t think of a better way to kick off my 40th birthday weekend than with a little gunpowder and lead.


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3 Responses to A Girl and a Gun

  1. GAgal says:

    Christine I am so happy you shared your blog with us and I cannot wait to meet you on Thursday. Welcome to the sisterhood gun girl!

  2. Gina says:

    I think it’s cool to belonge to a group called A Girl and a Gun! I learned to shoot with a BB gun . My favorite gun was a 30 30 marlin bolt action with a side scoop came camo from the factory. Killed a 8 point buck with that one my step dad has the gun and my deer head. So I have never been nor will I ever be a girly girl! Guess that’s why we get along so well! So you go girl! Lol! Hope you have a great time!

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