Lactose Free Potato Cheese Soup

One of the many perks of working from home is being able to start supper through the day. At lunchtime yesterday, I started a crock pot full of lactose free potato cheese soup, and oh man was it good.  I would say it’s low fat because I used fat-free milk, but I have to be real about the amount of cheese I used.  This is not diet food, but I’m a firm believer that it’s alright to treat yourself now and then.

Since this is a lactose free potato cheese soup recipe that has real cheddar cheese in it, I want to take a minute to talk about that ingredient.  When I finally figured out it was lactose intolerance that was causing my severe stomach issues, I tried various soy and rice based cheeses until I finally swore off cheese all together after being disappointed in them all.  I remember reading once that naturally aged cheeses are lactose free because the lactose dies during the aging process, but it always sounded sketchy to me.  After a lengthy stint sans cheese, I decided it was worth a whirl.  I did some research and found that Cabot brand cheeses are lactose free and, best of all, readily available at Walmart, our only real grocery store in my town.  I’ve been happily eating this cheese without recourse ever since.  In fact, I now eat waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of it.  Way, way too much, but that’s a different story for another post.  I would advise you other lactose intolerant folks to proceed with caution, but go ahead and give Cabot cheeses a try.  It is heavenly to be able to eat real cheese, again!

Now, on to the good stuff….

Lactose Free Potato Cheese Soup

Lactose Free Potato Cheese Soup… and bread. Always bread.

Lactose Free Potato Cheese Soup


5 – 6 medium Russet potatoes
24 ounces Chicken Stock
1 medium sweet onion, diced
2 TBSP minced garlic
2 cups water
2 TBSP Earth Balance Butter
Ground Black Pepper, to taste
1/4 tsp Old Bay

2 cups fat-free lactose free milk
1/2 cup flour
2 Cups Cabot Extra Sharp Aged White Cheddar Cheese
1 tsp ground mustard

Green onions, chopped


Cut potatoes into small pieces and place into crock pot with diced sweet onion, minced garlic, butter, seasonings, water and chicken stock. Cook 6 – 8 hours on low or 3 – 4 on high. Remove about half of the soup and place in blender. Blend until smooth and place the mixture back in the crock pot.

Whisk flour and ground mustard into two cups of milk. Once smooth, pour into crock pot. Add shredded cheese and stir until well combined. Replace lid and let cook for one additional hour.

Serve with green onions on top and a side of crusty bread, or serve in bread bowl.  Makes approximately 8 servings.

This lactose free potato cheese soup is hearty and perfect for snowy or rainy winter days!  On a work day, place the first round of ingredients in the crock pot and cook on low until you get home.  Then you can throw in the rest when you get home and let it finish up as you get your evening started.

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