Shenanigans Irish Pub on the Dahlonega Square

It’s so cold in Dahlonega this morning, it’s hard to believe that just a few days ago I was basking in the warm sun while enjoying lunch at my favorite local watering hole, Shenanigans Irish Pub.

Shenanigans Irish Pub on the Dahlonega Square

Let the Shenanigans Begin…….

Shenanigans is easily my favorite restaurant in Dahlonega, so it was only natural for me to start there when it comes to reviewing local businesses.  Guitar Dude and I have been eating there regularly for over two years now, and we have yet to have a single bad experience. When family and friends come into town, we always make sure to take them to Shenanigans, so we’ve tried or know of someone who has tried just about everything on their menu. I’ve had a number of different things myself, and they were all delicious.  On the contrary, Guitar Dude gets the Reuben every. single. time. because it’s just that good.  When he says, “I’m in the mood for a Reuben.” I think, “Heck yeah!  We’re going to Shenanigans!”  While I’ve tried a few other things, I usually go for either the Irish Nachos, the Gold Miner burger, the lunch portion of the Fish & Chips, or the Steak & Spuds when I need a big ol’ plate of comfort food. Mmm… gravy.

Shenanigans Irish Pub on the Dahlonega Square

My actual plate of Fish & Chips at Shenanigans…

This time around, I got the lunch portion of Fish & Chips which usually comes with their delicious thick cut homemade potato chips but I opted for their equally delicious beer battered fries.  One of my biggest complaints about the fish & chips you get at most other restaurants is that they make it out of one of my least favorite types of fish; cod.  I hate cod. I’m using the word hate about cod because I just hate it that much.  Shenanigans uses grouper instead, and it is the bee’s knees.  (You know, I’ve never understood that phrase. Do bees really have knees?  Please advise.)  The batter on the fish is, in my opinion, exactly as it should be – crispy and fried to perfection.  I get the lunch portion no matter what time it is because the supper portion is enough to feed a small army, so if you are super hungry then go for the supper portion.  It’s every bit as tasty with twice the mass.  I promise you won’t leave hungry.

Shenanigans Irish Pub on the Dahlonega Square

Who doesn’t love to bring their dog to the bar???

One of the best things about Shenanigans besides the food, the selection of frosty beers, the fact that you can bring your pooch to hang out on their dog-friendly deck, or all the dollars stapled to the wall with curious things scrawled on them, is the staff.  Every single waiter or waitress I’ve ever encountered there is genuinely friendly and attentive, and they mostly seem to stick around which, to me, is another good sign of a well-run bar / restaurant in an industry that generally has a lot of turnover.  In addition, it seems like management is always on-site to make sure that things keep running smoothly.  I really couldn’t find anything to complain about at this place if I tried.  I’m sure some people are harder to please, but for me Shenanigans will remain my go-to place when we want to go out to eat.

So there you have it, my long-winded opinion of my very favorite place in Dahlonega.  Since everyone’s experience is always a little different, I would love to hear from some of my fellow locals about your experiences at Shenanigans!  Tell us, what’s your favorite thing on the menu?


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  1. Guitar Dude says:

    I love the consistency at Shenanigan’s. I expect even the best chef to have an off-night every now and then, but my reuben is always cooked to perfection just the way I like it, exactly the same way every time.

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