The Wedding, Part Two

For the sake of my sanity, I hired a wedding planner. I used one recommended by Castle Ladyhawke called Occasions by Emily. Ladies, if you aren’t married yet, I will give you only one piece of advice. Find a wedding planner you love and hire her. Trust me. My wedding was absolutely, 100% stress-free. As an added bonus, she also did all of my floral and decorations, and everything was absolutely stunning! I couldn’t have been happier with how everything looked. Emily really nailed the overall feel I wanted in every single detail. Here are my favorite things…

Our initials on the front door – so adorable. Confession: I still have these in the garage. I love them. I can’t get rid of them. I have a problem.

Castle Ladyhawke

Front doors of Castle Ladyhawke.

The bridal party bouquets were so beautiful, I kept mine (far right) for two weeks after the wedding. True story. I told y’all I have a problem. Guitar Dude finally intervened. The single rose in front was in honor of my mom, which I laid on an empty chair in the front row after I walked down the aisle.

Castle Ladyhawke

The wedding bouquets.

We had the ceremony in the Great Hall which looks out over the mountains. It was such a peaceful room, and it felt so full of love. Michelle was my day-of goddess-of-all-things-wedding-day, and she deserves a medal. How she managed to keep not only me, but Guitar Dude and all of our family and friends on-task without being overly bossy that day is nothing short of a miracle. The girl is good. at. her. job. Here’s proof that we managed to get to the alter wearing our wedding clothes to say our vows with all of our people in the right place.

Castle Ladyhawke

The Great Hall

I brought a wish jar with little pieces of paper for people to write their wishes for us. It was fun to read them all on our honeymoon. I think our favorite was from a friend, “Jim, Do what she says. -Brad” Wise words. Wise words, indeed.

Castle Ladyhawke

Wish jar…

We had a buffet-style dinner in the Great Hall where people had their choice of seats. We had our own sweetheart’s table up by the fireplace which was awesome. Even though we got married somewhere grand, I wanted to have a laid back feel so I decided not to go with the whole assigned seating thing. It was fun to see who sat where and to see people I love who previously didn’t know each other chatting it up on such a special occasion.

Castle Ladyhawke

Great Hall set for dinner

The centerpieces for the tables were gorgeous. I loved the use of the bouquets in some, such as on our table.

Castle Ladyhawke

The bridal bouquet as the centerpiece on the sweetheart’s table.

While I obviously loved my bouquet enough to keep it after it was dead (sad), I think the lantern was my favorite centerpiece in the room.

Castle Ladyhawke

Lantern centerpiece.

These tall ones added a little height to the whole scene.

Castle Ladyhawke

Tall centerpiece.

I had catering estimates that ranged from “oh, that’s not bad” to “holy s!#$, is everything sprinkled in gold?” I went with someone towards the top end, and I’m here to tell you it was worth every penny. All bajillion of them. Plus they had a cool bartender. He saved me the last Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Anyway, the food… oh man, it was something special.

Like the prime rib. Oh my damn. ‘Scuse my language.

Castle Ladyhawke

Prime rib…. *drool*

The grits bar was a personal favorite, and it was a huge hit with our guests, too.

Castle Ladyhawke

Grits Bar

I could’ve eaten nothing but grits; going back time and again to get different flavor combinations. Oh, and prime rib. Grits and prime rib.

Castle Ladyhawke

All kinds of delicious toppings…

Bacon, green onions, and roasted garlic… say wha?????

Grits Bar

And more toppings…

And biscuits… uh-huh. Any good Southern meal has to have biscuits.

Castle Ladyhawke

Cheddar biscuits…

Oh, and we had some green stuff for those who like that kind of thing.

Castle Ladyhawke


Gotta have some green beans.

Castle Ladyhawke

Fresh green beans.

Oh yeah, what about the cake? Well, it was extra special so I’ll share it on a separate post dedicated to nothing but sweets. For right now, I’m hungry. How ’bout y’all??

Venue: Castle Ladyhawke
Floral, Design, Planning, Coordination: Occasions by Emily
Catering: Black Eyed Susan Catering
Photography: Colby @ Blue Bend Photography

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4 Responses to The Wedding, Part Two

  1. Patty says:

    That was beautiful. I still have my bouquet from when Kent and I did our renewal ceremony in Hawaii almost 5 years ago. I love reading your blog!

  2. Gina Pritchett says:

    Yes. The food was fantastic . The grit bat was my favorite but it was all good. I really enjoyed getting to know some new people. I even manage to dance some too. I think that everyone who when had a great time. Your wedding planner really did do a outstanding job !

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