The Wedding, Part One

A lot of little girls grow up dreaming of what kind of wedding they want to have when they meet Prince Charming. Some women dang near obsess over it. Me? I’m kind of a tomboy, so anything that involved me putting on a dress was far, far from my mind. Then Guitar Dude proposed. It was dreamy. My ring is dreamy; a family heirloom that’s over 100 years old and belonged to his Great Grandmother. I really think if Guitar Dude hand designed a ring specifically with me in mind, he couldn’t have possibly come up with anything more perfect. After he proposed, I don’t think either of us was prepared for what came next. I turned into a girly-girl. Me. The girl who drinks beer from a can and whose favorite article of clothing is pajama pants.

Castle Ladyhawke

Could there be a dreamier wedding venue? (photo by Blue Bend Photography)

As I started thinking about what kind of wedding I wanted to have (because let’s be real, the wedding is mostly about the bride), my list of requirements was short. I wanted to be surrounded by family and friends; I wanted it to be somewhere unique; and I was wearing purple crushed velvet Doc Martens no matter what. I’d been eyeballing those things for months. What better excuse to buy them than my own wedding? I started out looking for a barn. There’s something about a barn wedding that’s always appealed to me. Every one I found was already booked. As I sat browsing a list of wedding venues in the mountains, I came across a place called Castle Ladyhawke in Tuckasegee, NC. I told Guitar Dude we were getting married in a castle. I called the castle and put down a deposit before we’d even seen it. That’s how sure I was that this was the place. And it was. Oh it was.

Once I found the venue, everything clicked into place. Family and friends all gathered at the guest accommodations, and we had ourselves a party on Friday night complete with live music courtesy of the many pickers, grinners, and singers in our clan. It was the perfect kickoff to the most important weekend of my life. Nearly everyone we love gathered in the same place having a good ol’ time. Check out this video of my Grandma singing what, in hindsight, might not have been the best song selection for her Granddaughter’s pre-wedding party. She said it was the only one she could think of the words to on the spot, and I think it sounds absolutely perfect.

How ’bout a shoutout for my Grandma belting out some Hank while my hubby-to-be and my dad play guitar?

Check back later this week for pictures from our big day!


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2 Responses to The Wedding, Part One

  1. Gina Pritchett says:

    Well I think it was a fantastic place and wedding! So glad I got to be there! One of the best couples I know!

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